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Tyler Jazz



Guitarist, Audio Engineer, Instructor






Origin:  Harrisburg, Pa


Genres:  Classical, Metal, Atmospheric


Years Active:  2010- Present



Short Bio
Tyler Jazz is currently a solo artist with a primary musical focus on Heavy Metal and Classical Guitar. Currently he works as an Audio Engineer for Hershey Entertainment company in the Harrisburg Metropolitan area. Tyler Jazz plays 8 instruments including, guitar, piano, bass guitar, viola, cello, violin, stand up bass, and vocals. His primary instrument is guitar and piano. Electric guitar and classical guitar are his preferences.Tyler Jazz is a college graduate with a degree in Music Industry and a degree in Music Composition. He is the lead guitarist and songwriter for local Blackened Metal band Gryla. He is also the sole guitar player for the Tyler Jazz & Krisztina Szabo Duet! Tyler Jazz currently performs live and works with bands in studios as a musician and engineer. Tyler Jazz is looking to bring a new sound to Heavy Metal and Classical!  Be sure to check out his Youtube Channel for all of his originals and covers, ranging from jazz to classical to heavy metal.

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